Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Nice word that. I've met so many wannabe's, but like one of my frends mentioned...what about me...i'm a 'don't wanna be' LOL.

Ever since i started this blog, ive started exploring other people's blogs. Its fun, and if they're witty, or just informative, its like a small chapter in a book. An insight into someone else's life, or what their day was about, or just their perspective on some issue. Needless to say, you also come across some really awful blogs. Or some like bimbettes, you know beautiful outside, no content within.

Ideasyncrasies.....when i created it i intended it to be my public ranting forum. My favourite word idiosyncrasies, and my ideas....and thus i coined the name.

My quaint, very unique ideas on life, love, success, failure and John Abraham. Someday i'll write an essay on John's dimples lol.
And now, to come to the crux of the matter... I wannabe a writer. I'm no wannabe writer mind you...i just wannabe one. And yes, there is a difference between the two.

People see my poetry, friends and acquaintances alike, and they say, why dont you write, seriously ? A book perhaps...journalism...copywriting, and im left with a plethora of choices and a mind benumbed ...why ? Because im doing a course in business management thats why, and the most i write is about production management or how someone could solve their finance problems.

I want to write. I dont care about influencing you, talking about my perspective on current affairs or even raving about the Page 3 celebrities.I'd like to write because i love it. Something i absolutely enjoy doing, for the sheer joy of it. Playing with words since i cant seem to manage people at all.
But then dont take me seriously. I talk to my feet.


mUvO said...

definitely..without furthur ado, just go fr it girl! infact, check out today's education times..some interesting PGD courses in journalism to let ur creative thoughts dazzle!
u would make a great writer n i can bet on that :-)

n btw..stupendous poetry on ur blog, keep up the gud work..

Aanjanee said...

I love you Marj, you know that? And you can write volumes and never bore me.

ps: I'd like to preview the dimple essay before it's published. I may be able to add on! ;)

Pranav Shah said...

Of course you have ideas and i think they are damn cool... coming from a guy who spends at least 4-6 hours everyday on the net reading articles and blogs.

I like the whole concept of freedom of publishing ideas that the blogs have given us. The way i see you Marj...

You have the freedom to write and you are writing... my question is are you liberated when you write ?

Somehow I feel you still are concious of being watched(rather read). Once you lose that(inhibition of awareness of being read) i think your ideasyncrassies will be on an all-time high.. where we all want it to be... but then again don't because we want it from you.

Just stop thinking about the readers when you are writing here... elsewhere when somebody employs you to write .. like advertising keep the target audience in mind.. over here let the real you come out (it has come out to a very large degeree) .. just that there is this faint impression of hindrance (sometimes not always)

Continue blogging... btw if at all the govt decides to bring down blogs or something... i shall host this blog on my server... dont worry