Monday, March 13, 2006

Rant twice

Ohkie...clairvoyancy... is that the term? To continue with the past trend..

I'm Clairvoyant. Two days back, while looking out the window, blabbering away on the phone...i said..darn ! its soooo hot i wish it would rain...and VOILA !
Next morning gentle summer showers pitter pattering on the rooftop, and me unwittingly ( in blissful ignorance ) cursing my neighbour for throwing waste kitchen water out her window again...

I walk out to go to college, and get drenched. I was shell shocked. I asked for rain...and i got it ! The next logical thought of course was...Prince charming...but does he come ? nope.. now the good Lord knows better than that doesnt he ..( dripping with sarcasm). Apparently, a sense of humour is a sense of balance... and I know iv been rather dreary lately, but jeez, its hard to retain ur sense of humour when ur sense of balance is threatened ..( i have an ear infection) and life is dishing it out with full force, i'm sick, and certain bird brain's i know are eating my meagre reasources of pink matter.... sorry im dishing it out, but hell... its been a crazy week, i need ideas on which book to buy to treat myself this month....any suggestions... ?

P.S : Thanks to my prolific and scathing critic... u know who u are... for nicely kicking my ... and keep up the good work. Its people like you who terrify me and simultaneously make me feel great :)

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