Friday, March 03, 2006


Scrutinize. i like that word. Screw -tee- nize

I LOATHE data entry. Bunked college again today. The guilt trip is soooo familiar iv gotten used to it. Now i know how people can take bribes and go on committing mortal sins. You get so accustomed to everything, in the end its just a dull throb...the conscience that so stabs right now...

Not really my fault is it. Something's aching to be set free. If i was given a paisa for evrytime i wanted to break free from conventionalism and, id dream of marrying Chidu. I mean look at it this way...its only when u got it that u want to protect it right ? LOL.....i WAS talking about money..... but delving into the inner raunchy sanctums of grey matter , well...heres a tribute to ..... The 'N' syndrome.....its not like use it or lose it...more like.. Got it; Flaunt it !!

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