Saturday, March 04, 2006

10th std poetry !

Found this in my old diary. Remembered jotting it down in a hurry, during a social science class..... man ! i miss school....

Be gentle with the criticism..
harsh words unfaze me
These are my emotions im discovering
For i am captivated by the mysterious
the intensity of my thoughts
the hidden yearning, the gaping crevices

like budding hothouse roses
frigidity will kill them
so please nurture them with warmth
with the sunlight of your soul

a clear trail of endless thoughts
travailing, leaping...into forever
some triggered by memories, or curiosity
some nudged by hope

And i write, so
disarm me with loving kindness
Let me cry
for gentle words sting my soul


1 comment:

XxxX said...

Oh cool,its a nice poem,now i know how u used to get thru chowdary's class....Wish i'd done d same when i was in tenth...