Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ok. So tomorrow being Ash wedneday, i pigged out on 2 Whole bars of chocolate. Considering that im gonna be givin up chocolates for like 40 days...

I hope it all doesnt go to WAIST :D

Monday, February 27, 2006

Forgive them anyway !

For the good Times....

Faint Voices echoing in the corridors ...
Memories surge , overwhelm me
Days and nights we 've shared
Momentary respite, oblivious of uncertain times ahead....

One nanosecond of empathy
Intermingling of various sensibilities
Thats what friendship is
All of us, and a moment of peace

Often peacefully immersed in my solitude
I dream of footprints washed away in the sand;
The laughter resonates once again in my ears
Bringing along with it some smiles, and a few tears.

Reminiscing enshrouds those days with a rosy glow
The unpleasant forgotten, only the wonderful retained
I dream of making the past and present rhyme
Friends, memories, laughter and innocence defying time


Dedicated to Soy, Sun, Sam, Surls n Sonu......

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't be chicken !

I bought chicken today!!!
So there ! To hell with Bird flu n avian disease n wht else..

I'd rather die eating well than die under a bus, or my dreaded nightmare of dying in bed with the fan falling on me.......

Im STILL gonna buy n eat chicken
(famous last words)

Thanks to muvo
..(www.mushroomncheese.blogspot.com) for this one ..

http://www.digg.com/links/Funny_Blaupunkt_Video ...Horny Wabbit... :D

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pecuniary difficulties assail ....

I hate my cam. with a vengeance. its blurred, fuzzy, and doesnt even make John Abraham look good. ( i tried clickin a pic of him frm the newspaper)

Now thing is ..... i have got to make do with the darn cam till i get employed by some really smart firm that wants to go places. And by places i do NOT mean chocolate factories or pastry shops...

There's this whole huge list of things i wish i had that would make my life * just like heaven*. And to think i always believed that its not the things you have, but the stuff u got inside you that matters. yeah well, for others maybe, but when it comes to myself..... the more the better ainnit... (therein lies the reason why i keep trying to defy gravity lol)

I HAVE to try traveling and get employed by Lonely Planet to write about the different places id get to visit ...ahh...dream job really...or maybe id hook that Mittal whts his name n then i needn't work at all....but then worse..id have to work out ....NOT HAPPENING !

Friday, February 17, 2006

Something to talk about ...

Beauty without, Beauty within
Here does my search begin
Time shall stay, I have found again the courage to change
And then, the old me won't seem so strange.

I once learnt to let myself go
Now, I'll fight to stay
Regardless of social conformance; fight wrong, think right
But I'm not one to give in without a fight

Happenstance matters, serendipity will be my savior
Good Karma will grant me the Lord's favor
Armed with reason, unctuous piety notwithstanding
I wont let their criticism sting

Situations once dictated, attitude let me survive
Parasitic, I grasped at smiles, clutched at hope, and I strived
Out of my illusions ! Bring on the pain !
Triumph will not be as sweet as the fight to survive, to remain, to retain !