Monday, February 27, 2006

For the good Times....

Faint Voices echoing in the corridors ...
Memories surge , overwhelm me
Days and nights we 've shared
Momentary respite, oblivious of uncertain times ahead....

One nanosecond of empathy
Intermingling of various sensibilities
Thats what friendship is
All of us, and a moment of peace

Often peacefully immersed in my solitude
I dream of footprints washed away in the sand;
The laughter resonates once again in my ears
Bringing along with it some smiles, and a few tears.

Reminiscing enshrouds those days with a rosy glow
The unpleasant forgotten, only the wonderful retained
I dream of making the past and present rhyme
Friends, memories, laughter and innocence defying time


Dedicated to Soy, Sun, Sam, Surls n Sonu......

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