Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My brother is doing strange things these days. Oh, its not that I can stand most of the shenanigans he’s usually up to, but my sibling is beginning to worry me. Today I caught him drinking water out of a bottle. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing strange about that, but umm, it’s the way he was doing it. He has made a hole in the cap, and was squeezing the bottle so that the water spurted out of the hole into his mouth. It sort of looked like the bottle was pissing into his mouth.

Must be the exam stress, Makes people behave unusually. I wonder if my stress manifested itself like that.

I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell …next song on the playlist by default. Divine advice.


Kris said...

nothing strange about that. i do it to.

oh wait. i think i just prove your point :P

btw that's a great way to water plants - spurts of water clean the dust off nicely...try giving ur bro that idea :)

Real World said...

You so crack me up. Now, listen to OneRepublic's stop and stare...

Pri said...

hahaha it surely must be the stress...
probably he would freak out with ur interpretation and never do it again if he reads this :p

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Ash D said...

I presume ur bro was de-stressing by expending energy on the bottle.. :D

C R D said...

thts a lovely matchbox 20 track

ur bro is ok i guess..mebbe hes hinting that he needs a sports-bottle [:P]..u know those ones with a tiny spout to squeeze the water thru [:P]

keep writing

Rashi V said...

Well frankly thats how Boys like to do things...They wish everything would happen without them lifting a finger!!!




WeirdiSgooD said...

@ krisu - i started replying to comments...yay! :D

@ Thoiii ...loved it loved it ...slurrrp..slurrp...but now stuck on The boxer by Simon and G. All time fav.

@ Pri ...It was the stress, but now he's back to normalcy, only he did read this and as usual had nothing to say. Did get a smile though.

@ Ash ...don't, don't get science into this. It is not madness with a purpose, he's just crazy :D

@ crd - His next birthdya i'm getting him earplugs and one of those whips anc chanis kind of wallets...u know.a look to go with the mental frame :D

@ Rashi , heck, even i wish things would happen without em lifting a finger, but really, a tiny spout when the bottle mouth is nice and wide redefines bottleneck. The next time life throws me a curveball, i shall look over the bottleneck and seek the hole. :D

Arush Mittal said...

nice way of telling a common thing..so differently.. :)

Comfortably Numb said...

LOL even I try to do "things" which people find weird like I try to be myself...lmao..and people find it weird..and then I try to speak my mind and that too occasionally..but then people find that weird too...:-<


nefariousoutlook said...

make sure your brother reads this post !! after he knows that you wrote this ...i am sure he will stop :)

WeirdiSgooD said...

@ arush, thank you, that made my day :)

@ Cherry - Weird is good. I will always, always endorse that.

@ nefarious outlook - lol, if you knwo brothers, you will know that nothing i whien about ever prompts him to change ...but i honestly dont mind whatever he does, it makes me laugh, and he's not really crazy..just a little unwell ;)