Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My brother is doing strange things these days. Oh, its not that I can stand most of the shenanigans he’s usually up to, but my sibling is beginning to worry me. Today I caught him drinking water out of a bottle. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing strange about that, but umm, it’s the way he was doing it. He has made a hole in the cap, and was squeezing the bottle so that the water spurted out of the hole into his mouth. It sort of looked like the bottle was pissing into his mouth.

Must be the exam stress, Makes people behave unusually. I wonder if my stress manifested itself like that.

I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell …next song on the playlist by default. Divine advice.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Winner !

After all the stuff I've been reading, thinking and then blogging about, i decided to stay away from this part of the world for a while. Utter rubbish i tell you !

Love and all phoooey goeey. So Kaka! Well, since i stayed away i know for sure YOU stayed away too :D ...oh and you can blame it on the Lenten fast. I swear, despite my love for chocolates, if the Easter bunny comes around now, I might just ignore the proferred chocolate eggs and roast the bugger for dinner. Even my dreams are of Roast chicken and potatoes :(

But ahh, something really funny happened the other day. As usual, i was grumbling about all the stuff i didn't have, and how things were not happening in my life ( like ha, things could happen in this pocket of the world) and my dad told me this anecdote ..but yes, after crying and then laughing my guts out, i decided to blog it for posterity.

A Jew ( I'm not anti - semitic so I'm sorry because it's always a Jew in these cases) but yes, a Jew prayed day after day, Oh Lord, please let me win the lottery, Oh Lord, please let me win the lottery ...and so on. After a few years, the Jew got tired of making these heartrending demands and cried out " Oh Lord, please grant me this one boon, Oh Lord, please let me win the lottery." Suddenly there's thunder, and lightning and the Jew hears a voice from heaven saying, " Child, why don't you first go purchase a lottery ticket, and then maybe i could help you win it."


Suffice to say, I'm not going around whining to Dad anymore.