Sunday, March 25, 2007


Piggy !

I was checking out people's profiles on Orkut, its one of those random things i love to do. Some people write such interesting stuff!

Like this one guy, whose things that turn him off are apparently things that are unnecessarily turned on ! LOL !

I watched The Namesake yesterday. Went out with one pal, one of the few people i think i'm changin my mind about now. Stupid me makes such presumptions about the loveliest people really.

The Namesake - I think I'm glad i didn't read the book before i watched the movie. I could watch the movie without constantly nitpicking, comparing, contradicting and finishing by being disappointed and absolutely annoyed at the Director.

Well made, and Deepa Mehta has used subtle nuances to enhance what the author probably wrote about. Kal Penn portrays Gogol Ganguli well. Strangely though, i fell in love with Tabu. She was wonderful. the accent, the expressions, even the way she carried her Sari, made me remember simba's mum in some strange way.

I wish to learn Bengali, its such a sweet language, though i think Konkani takes precedence right now in the scheme of things :D...i still falter and fumble for words while trying to converse with my relatives and its a crying shame i do not know how to curse in Konkani really !

Reading right now : Memories of a Geisha

This book makes me glad I'm a woman, in some such strange way, and I'm in that world, and so far away from who I am and what I'm doing. I sat in a coffee shop, and was so immersed in the book that all the hip hop and UGH ! Himesh whatshisname was blocked out.

To do list includes a review of the same, when i find (and make) time for it.

I did an online IQ test, randomly, and was so pissed off when my scores sucked, that i took it out on mother. Like every good mother she ranted about the weight I've put on , and when i wanted to discontinue that particularly disturbing conversation she says 'When u learn to face your weaknesses only then can you overcome them' omething just snapped. I asked her in precisely these terms (shame on me) 'Well tell me how can i face the weakness that I've inherited a normal stupid IQ, a stupid cleft in the chin, Weird hair and a love for running away' and some such other random shit. I was sorry the moment i said it, but there!

So I'm sorry Ma, But really PMS and living alone isn't helping. I'm turning into a grouchy, slothful, uncultured, irrationally pessimistic, fat little Pig.

i've forgotten what it feels like to sit at the dinner table and eat with other people ! I've also forgotten what it feels like to hug my mum since i just don't want to think about that anymore.

I've learnt to manipulate just how much information i give my parents, the only people i truly love, and would die for.

Ohkie, I'm not all that bad really, but i did promise myself I'd be truthful and honest in the blog, no matter who ends up reading it so ...there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Purpose driven hunger pangs

J dropped off the Nasik pics. I have decided to go on a diet, exercise, die, anything! but try and lose all this lovely flab.

I'm learning nice new things, shiny technorati stuffs you sees in my blogses now na.

Ive lost a friend, and the thought saddens me. But i think i respect myself too much to let petty thoughts trouble me. I got new chuddi buddi no.... Kwisu :D

I miss Choi. I wish i had beaten him up the last time he was down. Sad really.

Ahhh...Im hungry, pray that i do stick to my new fad please.

I listened to Backstreet boys today :D Ha! i know i should go drown in a tub of tomato soup, but i was just missing childhood and home so much (yes i had a lovely warped boyband crush, titanic tears, Enid Blyton books, Five running away together and Nancy Drew in College Childhood.) Happy i was. Sigh!

Onward to better things. Bitching and Gnawing, Amnesia and angels, lack of fear, loss of faith, Insomnia, coffee and missing Mama, All three C's, Love in a puppy's eyes and a grouchy boss.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hey Monginis!!

OHKIE.. My name is Marjorie. Thats MAR as in MARch, JO as in JOe, RIE as in REEL.

I really can't stand anyone mutilating my name again. I will have to hack the next person who does that into itsy bitsy tiny little pieces and stuff him/ her in a carton and ship it off to Uganda.

I normally have people calling me MAdhuri, which is a sick Indianised version of my apparently tongue twisting name, oh then there's Mortuary, and yes, its mortifying, for those who know the meaning, you'll know why.

There's Manjari, which sounds so Mallu i could weep, then there's ahh...,Margarine, which, buttery and yummy as it may be, ITS NOT MY EFFING NAME !

A week back though, i reached the zenith of mortifying name mutilation. Someone asked for Miss Mongini's :'(.

Monginis is a lovely chain of cake shops, but oh hell, sweet tooth et all, i really do not want to be named after a cake shop!!

And the worst bit was whenever i told any of my friends about it, they LAUGHED. Grrrrrr.

Anyways, its ok. I have begun the healing process of forgiving my parents for my name, and now i just cringe when someone screws it up.

It could get worse. I could have been named Constantina, or Ressurection, or ahh...........Perpetina :D

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holiday !

Today was a holiday, and i spent it usefully.

I slept, woke up awfully early( i have no clue why i wake up early on holidays) ...ate, slept, chatted, surfed, prayed, went to the bank, prayed again, ate, slept, chatted, surfed, and gave my laundry dirty looks.

:D ...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Soys and Jorrows

A very (once upon a time) close friend lost her dad today. I was numb from the shock. Half the day went by without me thinking, doing everything mechanically, wondering how I'd cope. I was crying, wishing i could be there with her, and her family. Though as usual i was at a loss for words, and its a wonder i didn't bawl my heart out at work and bite someone's head off.

I missed my family more than ever, and threw caution (and my job) to the winds, by chatting with close friends.

I spoke to my best friend after ages, and it was like there never was any distance. I spoke to another wonderful friend after ages too, not desultory, defunct conversation, but actually spoke a mile a minute, and then spoke about friends there to share i each other's soys and jorrows. THATS how fast i was speaking lol!

It's a tragedy how it takes a death for me to get back in touch with all those people who once meant the world to me and who i don't have the time for now, except perhaps to think of those days and smile, and wish a silent wish.

Can't differentiate between joy and sorrow sometimes, it all comes together.

The day is over, I'm home, and have not yet met my friend or her family. But I'm getting there. And oh, I'm so thankful i have my friends and family for the umpteenth time in my short life.

I called my dad and lied through the skin of my teeth about how good i was during the week, just to hear his voice.

One for the soy.

I spoke to Shan, and tried to control my tears when she seemed resigned to her loss.

One for the jorrows.

The good shall triumph. And truth shall set man free. God bless.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are you lonesome tonight ?

Sometimes when I come home from work, I open the door, switch on the lights, anD talk to my house.

Its so disheartening to come home to an empty place, bereft of laughter, squabbles, and most of all, no one to welcome you home. Its bad when you've had a bad day, and need a shoulder to cry on, or a brother to scream at and relieve your pent up frustration, but its worse when you're happy, and theres no one to share it with.

I yearn for a pet dog. Its this constant ache. I even feed the strays near my house, and there's this one adorable dog with a limp, whom I've named Caramel, because her eyes are so soulful. And gooey.

Pic flicked from here. Lovely.