Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Purpose driven hunger pangs

J dropped off the Nasik pics. I have decided to go on a diet, exercise, die, anything! but try and lose all this lovely flab.

I'm learning nice new things, shiny technorati stuffs you sees in my blogses now na.

Ive lost a friend, and the thought saddens me. But i think i respect myself too much to let petty thoughts trouble me. I got new chuddi buddi no.... Kwisu :D

I miss Choi. I wish i had beaten him up the last time he was down. Sad really.

Ahhh...Im hungry, pray that i do stick to my new fad please.

I listened to Backstreet boys today :D Ha! i know i should go drown in a tub of tomato soup, but i was just missing childhood and home so much (yes i had a lovely warped boyband crush, titanic tears, Enid Blyton books, Five running away together and Nancy Drew in College Childhood.) Happy i was. Sigh!

Onward to better things. Bitching and Gnawing, Amnesia and angels, lack of fear, loss of faith, Insomnia, coffee and missing Mama, All three C's, Love in a puppy's eyes and a grouchy boss.

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