Friday, March 02, 2007

Soys and Jorrows

A very (once upon a time) close friend lost her dad today. I was numb from the shock. Half the day went by without me thinking, doing everything mechanically, wondering how I'd cope. I was crying, wishing i could be there with her, and her family. Though as usual i was at a loss for words, and its a wonder i didn't bawl my heart out at work and bite someone's head off.

I missed my family more than ever, and threw caution (and my job) to the winds, by chatting with close friends.

I spoke to my best friend after ages, and it was like there never was any distance. I spoke to another wonderful friend after ages too, not desultory, defunct conversation, but actually spoke a mile a minute, and then spoke about friends there to share i each other's soys and jorrows. THATS how fast i was speaking lol!

It's a tragedy how it takes a death for me to get back in touch with all those people who once meant the world to me and who i don't have the time for now, except perhaps to think of those days and smile, and wish a silent wish.

Can't differentiate between joy and sorrow sometimes, it all comes together.

The day is over, I'm home, and have not yet met my friend or her family. But I'm getting there. And oh, I'm so thankful i have my friends and family for the umpteenth time in my short life.

I called my dad and lied through the skin of my teeth about how good i was during the week, just to hear his voice.

One for the soy.

I spoke to Shan, and tried to control my tears when she seemed resigned to her loss.

One for the jorrows.

The good shall triumph. And truth shall set man free. God bless.


Aberrant said...

God bless....
My sincere condolences...

mowgli said...


WeirdiSgooD said...

:) .. We all learn to cope. Somehow.