Sunday, March 25, 2007

Piggy !

I was checking out people's profiles on Orkut, its one of those random things i love to do. Some people write such interesting stuff!

Like this one guy, whose things that turn him off are apparently things that are unnecessarily turned on ! LOL !

I watched The Namesake yesterday. Went out with one pal, one of the few people i think i'm changin my mind about now. Stupid me makes such presumptions about the loveliest people really.

The Namesake - I think I'm glad i didn't read the book before i watched the movie. I could watch the movie without constantly nitpicking, comparing, contradicting and finishing by being disappointed and absolutely annoyed at the Director.

Well made, and Deepa Mehta has used subtle nuances to enhance what the author probably wrote about. Kal Penn portrays Gogol Ganguli well. Strangely though, i fell in love with Tabu. She was wonderful. the accent, the expressions, even the way she carried her Sari, made me remember simba's mum in some strange way.

I wish to learn Bengali, its such a sweet language, though i think Konkani takes precedence right now in the scheme of things :D...i still falter and fumble for words while trying to converse with my relatives and its a crying shame i do not know how to curse in Konkani really !

Reading right now : Memories of a Geisha

This book makes me glad I'm a woman, in some such strange way, and I'm in that world, and so far away from who I am and what I'm doing. I sat in a coffee shop, and was so immersed in the book that all the hip hop and UGH ! Himesh whatshisname was blocked out.

To do list includes a review of the same, when i find (and make) time for it.

I did an online IQ test, randomly, and was so pissed off when my scores sucked, that i took it out on mother. Like every good mother she ranted about the weight I've put on , and when i wanted to discontinue that particularly disturbing conversation she says 'When u learn to face your weaknesses only then can you overcome them' omething just snapped. I asked her in precisely these terms (shame on me) 'Well tell me how can i face the weakness that I've inherited a normal stupid IQ, a stupid cleft in the chin, Weird hair and a love for running away' and some such other random shit. I was sorry the moment i said it, but there!

So I'm sorry Ma, But really PMS and living alone isn't helping. I'm turning into a grouchy, slothful, uncultured, irrationally pessimistic, fat little Pig.

i've forgotten what it feels like to sit at the dinner table and eat with other people ! I've also forgotten what it feels like to hug my mum since i just don't want to think about that anymore.

I've learnt to manipulate just how much information i give my parents, the only people i truly love, and would die for.

Ohkie, I'm not all that bad really, but i did promise myself I'd be truthful and honest in the blog, no matter who ends up reading it so ...there!


Anonymous said...

"grouchy, slothful, uncultured, irrationally pessimistic, fat little pig" my ass!!! (no puns intended :P) you seem to have forgotten how sweet you are, even whe you're PMS'ed...stop lying in your blog!!!

ps: thanks for the two trying to stretch them out over the week...looking good so far :-)

shobz said...

i luv u too..u know..:(..n if its any cnsolation...atleast livin alone didnt turn u into a selfish whiny tard..which is exactly wut i am now...
n btw..luv da fact dat u wrte abt memoirs o a geisha.. read da book last summa.. my first glasgow read...n i saw da movie on ma way back to oman last summa as well..