Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nice Man.

I was waiting for the bus, I'm always waiting, inevitably, after a hard day's work when i just can't wait to get back home, the damn bus is always late. Terrible frequency really, and a lovely short route home.

After an interminable wait ( it seemed like that anyway, it was over 40 minutes! ) A nice editor -ish man asked me whether I'd like to share a cab ride home. Middle aged, thinning hair, slim, in a kurta, trousers, chappals and with a jhola. I didn't hesitate, just said ok. Fine, i know you guys are all screaming, no rides with strangers but hello, even i had my qualms, but then again, it was late, i was short of cash and, its the cab driver who'd be driving right ? Funny i wouldn't think twice about sharing a cab with women, make me wonder about the different, quaint notions and prejudices that i have bred .

Nice man works for a very famous ad agency, and was such a gentleman, he even opened the door of the cab for me.

We chatted about the tragedy of living in South Bombay, really everyone seems to think us awfully lucky and rich enough to afford cars but hello, do you guys know how expensive cabs here are, and the infrequent buses are torture !

He asked me where to drop me off, i hesitantly asked about my share of the fare ( I didnt have change and I didn't know if I'd get any change back from the one big note I had ) , and you know what the sweet man says ?

" Do you think I'd have taken money from her had my daughter been traveling with me ?"

Why trust people ?

Simple. Like that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sheepishness abounds

I had to, it was so ME !

Back to black. Until i get a super duper awesome picture to keep as a background. Remodeling isn't so much fun :( (I keep going back to Bimbette pink !)

But yes, change is good.

Today, while traveling in the bus, there was this pretty girl standing in the aisle near me. Somewhere in the middle of the hot, stuffy ride, she leaned back a little towards me, and asked me whether the seat next to us was reserved for ladies. I checked, and sure enough it was. Then, this young, healthy girl made a middle aged man get up from his seat, by insisting that since it was reserved for ladies, he-man had to give his seat up to her.

He grudgingly got up, and that was that. A few minutes later, we passed by some boutiques, and really jazzy stores, with even jazzier window displays. Many had lacy pink/ white/ black frill lingerie displayed; Oh, what an eyesore but he-man didn't think so. He was unashamedly looking at them, and he had the ' Oh i havent had sex in a while and would love to rip that thing off, even if it was off the display case' look.

The 'i stand for feminism and my share of bus seats' girl gave the man such a look of derision, i think if looks could have killed, he'd be lying on the floor stone cold dead with his legs up in the air, just like my darling Tweety, God bless her soul.

Now don't get me wrong, i totally understand when it's the end of a harried long day, and you would like to make use of the resources the Indian Govt so likes to provide the 'underpriveledged'. ( For once, its nice to know the seats weren't reserved only for the OBC's)

But here you are, agreeing, albeit unknowingly, to the fact that women are the weaker sex, and we really need to make tired men get off their seats, which in all fairness they deserve to be seated on since they got there first, while turning up your pretty nose when they go ahead and say oh wow, since you're so frail, let me make you the object of my sexual, perverted and not so nice thoughts.

Why ?

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Tell me if you like it/ hate it or share some of your superior blog re modelling skills.

I was tired of the black.

Say what ?

Yesterday, someone from the imports section came over to our cubicle, sputtering and choking and laughing his guts out. I wondered what happened, probably the poor guy succumbed to the pressure and bitching and lost his sanity, but the reason wasn't that plausible, when he actually told us what happened.

One of his customers was in a real quandary, and needed help. The problem ?


I don't know about ROTFLMAO, but i think i jammed my keyboard with all the laughing.

Happens only in India, no ?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Too long, too Late.

I have finally gotten around to cleaning my messy house. Which is victory in itself since a messy house reflects my messy mind, and the mind is slowly getting rid of all the cobwebs gathered.

Somehow I'm missing home more than ever today. I yearn to touch my old bookshelf, sleep on my bed, run to the hall, switch the AC on, and watch T.V.

I don't want to even call home, since i opened my bottle of body lotion yesterday and the smell reminded me so much of home, it actually was like a physical pain, deep in my stomach, and for a moment i was back home, lying on the couch, reading a book, waiting for Dad to get back home.

The weekend was ok.I went out with friends despite not having any prior plans, watched The Full Monty, oh Dear Lord, that movie rocked. Every time i go to a restaurant now I'll hope some nice men get onto the table and strut their stuff :D

I Can't even remember who i used to be three years ago. Somehow today my ideas are more formed, and definite, and i cannot for the life of me remember what i used to think about then. Is that weird ?