Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sheepishness abounds

I had to, it was so ME !

Back to black. Until i get a super duper awesome picture to keep as a background. Remodeling isn't so much fun :( (I keep going back to Bimbette pink !)

But yes, change is good.

Today, while traveling in the bus, there was this pretty girl standing in the aisle near me. Somewhere in the middle of the hot, stuffy ride, she leaned back a little towards me, and asked me whether the seat next to us was reserved for ladies. I checked, and sure enough it was. Then, this young, healthy girl made a middle aged man get up from his seat, by insisting that since it was reserved for ladies, he-man had to give his seat up to her.

He grudgingly got up, and that was that. A few minutes later, we passed by some boutiques, and really jazzy stores, with even jazzier window displays. Many had lacy pink/ white/ black frill lingerie displayed; Oh, what an eyesore but he-man didn't think so. He was unashamedly looking at them, and he had the ' Oh i havent had sex in a while and would love to rip that thing off, even if it was off the display case' look.

The 'i stand for feminism and my share of bus seats' girl gave the man such a look of derision, i think if looks could have killed, he'd be lying on the floor stone cold dead with his legs up in the air, just like my darling Tweety, God bless her soul.

Now don't get me wrong, i totally understand when it's the end of a harried long day, and you would like to make use of the resources the Indian Govt so likes to provide the 'underpriveledged'. ( For once, its nice to know the seats weren't reserved only for the OBC's)

But here you are, agreeing, albeit unknowingly, to the fact that women are the weaker sex, and we really need to make tired men get off their seats, which in all fairness they deserve to be seated on since they got there first, while turning up your pretty nose when they go ahead and say oh wow, since you're so frail, let me make you the object of my sexual, perverted and not so nice thoughts.

Why ?


Kris said...

i agree with the reservation part in buses...but the reservation for pregnant women and handicapped/old persons is a must.

this whole reservation thing is a very tricky thing. for example, you could extend the reservation argument to trains, but that would make life hell for women...and then there is reservation for women in government elected bodies, which arguably doesnt help at all IMHO.

as for lingerie stores...hmmmm **sheepish grin**

downright crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!! said...

v blame de society 4 havng double standards wen i cums 2 men & women ...wen wot v ourselves do is nothng better.
a lot f us wanna b acknowleged as a ' women' wen it cums 2 dese privileges.
personally i don thnk i need any f des reservations ,a lot f oters too can do without dem....but i do understand der still exists a majority who needs help, not coz dey r conditioned 2 it