Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nice Man.

I was waiting for the bus, I'm always waiting, inevitably, after a hard day's work when i just can't wait to get back home, the damn bus is always late. Terrible frequency really, and a lovely short route home.

After an interminable wait ( it seemed like that anyway, it was over 40 minutes! ) A nice editor -ish man asked me whether I'd like to share a cab ride home. Middle aged, thinning hair, slim, in a kurta, trousers, chappals and with a jhola. I didn't hesitate, just said ok. Fine, i know you guys are all screaming, no rides with strangers but hello, even i had my qualms, but then again, it was late, i was short of cash and, its the cab driver who'd be driving right ? Funny i wouldn't think twice about sharing a cab with women, make me wonder about the different, quaint notions and prejudices that i have bred .

Nice man works for a very famous ad agency, and was such a gentleman, he even opened the door of the cab for me.

We chatted about the tragedy of living in South Bombay, really everyone seems to think us awfully lucky and rich enough to afford cars but hello, do you guys know how expensive cabs here are, and the infrequent buses are torture !

He asked me where to drop me off, i hesitantly asked about my share of the fare ( I didnt have change and I didn't know if I'd get any change back from the one big note I had ) , and you know what the sweet man says ?

" Do you think I'd have taken money from her had my daughter been traveling with me ?"

Why trust people ?

Simple. Like that.

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Kris said...

hmmm...interesting!!! i personally don't see a problem with sharing public transport with strangers (but then again, im a guy), and pretty much no one's turned me down when i ask if they want to share a ric with me no matter what the hour (though at 1am i'm usually in too much of a hurry to get home for me to look out for wannabe hitch-hikers). i've come across people who've refused to accept money from me too, and now that i'm working, i do the same if the other person looks like a student...

but i still feel there's such a thing as "too much trust" - remember, if something goes wrong, you may not be here to tell us the just takes one mistake, one wrong lift :(