Monday, September 06, 2010

It's the new

It's like a switch; is living. It goes on and off I mean. Although here, you'd have to pay a bill for keeping it off, and maintenance charges for keeping it on.

I'm missing Chinky a lot. I need a contemporary friend to replace him now. Ha, noone can really replace the missing can they ? It's like holes in your consciousness. God acts like a punch soemtimes. And then we are all tied by a ribbon to make one big fat file that noone wants to read.

I'm not depressed though. I'm just stating the obvious, although I'm in a detached mode right now. Can't read, nor write. I havent read a good new book in ages, except for the newspapers abd The Economist and stuff that's itneresting but not really recreational. Thought provoking ? News is never thought provoking for me.The smell of good food is mostly. Thought and hunger provoking. I'm getting back into that dangerous phase of keeping myself happy with food, which is not good.

I'm strangely happy some days. Although i get paid as much as the peon in your office, and I'm always tired and sleepy, and eternally battling the flubber, and tuffy still ahs to get trained and the dishes always pile up higher and I'm perenially in danger of reaching late to work and never having a decent job because let's face it I'm 25 and what am I earning ?

That's one terrible and terribly long sentence no :D