Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sonia Faleiro

The single girl, living alone.

Mad girl

Doesnt know what it is not to worry and still manages to screw things up and tempt fate to give her more reasons to worry.

Thinks that someday all her dreams will come true, problem is, she doesnt know WHAT those dreams are.

Loves mankind but hates people.

Thinks she cant when she can, and can when she can't.

Thinks icecream might help the weight loss.

Loves family but avoids them like the plague.

Would walk a million miles for her sibling, but beat him to death if he lent out her books.

Would lend a book, to do someone a favour and then curse them to oblivion for not returning the book back, when she's forgotten who's taken it in the first place.

Thinks everything in ice pink, baby pink or pink looks good.

Abhors almost everything about herself and yet is an almost elitist.(phrase i coined myself)

Loves the language and reading so much she's afraid she cna never make a career of it because she will never be good enough.

Complains that the detergents dont smell the same as they used to.

Cant tolerate people with acne, but doesnt mind baby snot all over her.

Will continue this list later :D

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beautiful Lines

Soemthing someone said

Caught at your heart and never let go

swayed in the breeze then lay still

And fell softly with the rain

Bautiful lines defining beautiful people

Like tall blades of grass

Ramrod straight yet always bending

Gracefulyl swaying, always sheltering

A passer by smiled

What a beautiful line defined

Cursive writing, childish scrawls

Frost is writing his beautiful lines

When they painstakingly criticize

The beautiful lines overwhelm you

Someday their censure will define

Your grace, your senses, your personality refine


Every year my birthday gets weirder. Some friends remember, some are forced to remember, most just remember because of the “once a year “syndrome, so that they can do away with the obligation.

But let that be, perhaps I should thank everyone in sight that I’ve managed to survive another year. 22, only, I’m not two but one fat duckling.

I’m living life by the weekends now. Everything is reserved for a Saturday or a Sunday. Read something, meet someone do Someone/something…everything: D

Every Friday night, I’m Sheryl Crow singing All I want to do, is have some fun, I got a feeling, I’m not the only one!

And every Sunday evening I’m Bon Jovi rebelling that Someday I’ll be Saturday night L

The other day in the bus I passed by this amazing Hair Salon called…guess what...THE HAIR PORT!!

Really hair raising that! :D But English is so amazing sometimes. There is this one client of ours who once sent us a message asking us not o test his “ patient”. Even I’m running out of patients…there are no mad people in the world today.

But CHOI ! You know what you did ? Every week now I go shopping. I’m a pauper, with lovely new shoes, jewellery, bags and “fat people” clothes! You created a MONSTER. A very happy cookie kinda monster though.

It’s actually a part of the FAT race, where the fattest, fastest fat wins. The clothes, that is.