Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are you lonesome tonight ?

Sometimes when I come home from work, I open the door, switch on the lights, anD talk to my house.

Its so disheartening to come home to an empty place, bereft of laughter, squabbles, and most of all, no one to welcome you home. Its bad when you've had a bad day, and need a shoulder to cry on, or a brother to scream at and relieve your pent up frustration, but its worse when you're happy, and theres no one to share it with.

I yearn for a pet dog. Its this constant ache. I even feed the strays near my house, and there's this one adorable dog with a limp, whom I've named Caramel, because her eyes are so soulful. And gooey.

Pic flicked from here. Lovely.

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