Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hey Monginis!!

OHKIE.. My name is Marjorie. Thats MAR as in MARch, JO as in JOe, RIE as in REEL.

I really can't stand anyone mutilating my name again. I will have to hack the next person who does that into itsy bitsy tiny little pieces and stuff him/ her in a carton and ship it off to Uganda.

I normally have people calling me MAdhuri, which is a sick Indianised version of my apparently tongue twisting name, oh then there's Mortuary, and yes, its mortifying, for those who know the meaning, you'll know why.

There's Manjari, which sounds so Mallu i could weep, then there's ahh...,Margarine, which, buttery and yummy as it may be, ITS NOT MY EFFING NAME !

A week back though, i reached the zenith of mortifying name mutilation. Someone asked for Miss Mongini's :'(.

Monginis is a lovely chain of cake shops, but oh hell, sweet tooth et all, i really do not want to be named after a cake shop!!

And the worst bit was whenever i told any of my friends about it, they LAUGHED. Grrrrrr.

Anyways, its ok. I have begun the healing process of forgiving my parents for my name, and now i just cringe when someone screws it up.

It could get worse. I could have been named Constantina, or Ressurection, or ahh...........Perpetina :D

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HKT said...


I was jus thinking about ur name, and it occurred to me that if we allow for the Semitic (?) pronunciation of the J in ur name (i.e. "Y'- Cronje, Boje, Yudas), it would sound uncannily like one of em Hindi-movie British Raj actors trying to say the Indian name 'Mayuri'. My innate weirdness negates the possibility of anyone having arrived at -this- mutilation to ur name by the same logic as me. Ofcourse..a disobedient tongue could very well make up for the lack of such reasoning, atleast in this context.