Friday, February 17, 2006

Something to talk about ...

Beauty without, Beauty within
Here does my search begin
Time shall stay, I have found again the courage to change
And then, the old me won't seem so strange.

I once learnt to let myself go
Now, I'll fight to stay
Regardless of social conformance; fight wrong, think right
But I'm not one to give in without a fight

Happenstance matters, serendipity will be my savior
Good Karma will grant me the Lord's favor
Armed with reason, unctuous piety notwithstanding
I wont let their criticism sting

Situations once dictated, attitude let me survive
Parasitic, I grasped at smiles, clutched at hope, and I strived
Out of my illusions ! Bring on the pain !
Triumph will not be as sweet as the fight to survive, to remain, to retain !

1 comment:

C R D said...

hmm..seems uve been subjected to a lot of peer pressure.

great tht ur now holding ur fort, and not compromising on the principles uve set for urself.

on a jovial note, i see uve written this in 2006. does it still apply? [:p]