Friday, March 03, 2006

Observe & Edit

Walking. Something i ABSOLUTEHLY luuurv. Yeah well half of Mumbai doesnt give a shit about what the other half does, every one's so busy, but i do get these puzzled, curious glances from strangers like, what the hell is she doing...the way i stare and gawk at old buildings, mendicants, and then i laugh out loud when something amuses me .........i LIKE Bohemia :D

I love south Mumbai. I wish i was a student of architecture at times. But then i see these quaint firms, with weird names in those old, run down buildings somewhere near Fort....and i wonder about what kind of business they who the hell are their customers, do they even get long have they been around....and on....and commerce suits me just fine...

Spotted this lovely stone statue of a dog somewhere around there. THIS is why i wish i had a camera phone. And then there was this lady at Strand who just COULDNT resist showing off her non -existent i need a cam for perverty pics like that too....lmao...but that is one thing i LOATHE. I dont need free publicity so for F***KS sake DONT take pics of me without my permission....i'm awfully wary around people with those camera phones nowadays... but thats just my paranoia playing up again i guess.

I love Strand. Read a bit of Calvin n Hobbes, chuckled and guffawed a bit... noticed a few people....saw this really self concious ug-ly corporate guy witha striped white shirt and black n white checked tie...( is that even LEGAL ?) sporting a ear stud...he was so self concious...but Damn ! I hated him on sight, he just swiped his card.....leaving me drooling over his judging a book by its cover eh.....but i do NOT think he would appreciate the subtle nuances and intricacies of the Calvin n Hobbes comic that he bought. Not to mention Memoirs of a Geisha...and some other rare gems. Oh...yep there were those self improvement 'who stole my ferrari' kinda books too lol... which is why i pegged him as a yuppie....Oh ye Haves....cast a stray glance at us Have -nots and make wise decisions when ye do buy books ...funny how people buy a book, just because the rest of the world is buying it, and its supposed to be the 'in' thing to read. Now what i want is that collection of Somerset Maugham short stories .....sigh..

Walked it home from Strand. NOT for the squishy legged, not wanting to sweat types lemme tell you.....but i did take a detour thru Marine drive. Now i know why i get tanned so much. I love the sun warming me up. Until it gets sticky, i cant stand the thirst and my skin starts burning ..that is.

I must use the foot bridge over Charni Road station more often. The one that connects marine drive to the other side. By chance you happen to look down, and WOW, this amazing structure, with a lush garden and numerous potted plants. It even has a bird bath ! AND colonial architecture. It fits perfectly into the kind of house i someday want to live in. Bird bath included. A lovely view.....even if it does bring on the day dreaming bouts which are rather inconvenient amidst the jostling crowds all pushing n shoving and going ....nowhere.

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