Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Quill in hand....

How i wish i had written this..... Beautiful poetry. By a wonderfantabulous friend.


Light shed by a tallow-stick,
A quill within my grasp;
I scribe on yellowed pages
And follow the yen of my heart

In peace and still and quiet,
In perfect harmony,
I faintly hear a whisper,
And think I find the key.

It is not wine and dancing;
It is not jamboree.
Its just a breath of silence
And soulful repartee.

A sudden pause;
And time stands still.
Life shares herself
As she seldom will.

A rare glimpse; a favoured chance,
A blessing it may be;
To look o'er the edge of the world
And see what I may see.

And now as my light grows dim,
I must no longer tarry;
But instead make haste to see
That which may no longer be.


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