Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today was horrible. As usual, nothing new. But i guffawed quiet a bit. I had a colleague ask me to delete something which appeared 'twisely' in the document. And condescending B***h that i am, i replied back, i have deleted the ____ that appeared twisely, now it only shows onsely. !!!!

I wonder why is it that people love praise so much. I'm so intensely private that i hate it when people mistake my freindliness for this sort of sign that says' come on in, walk all over me, prod me for everything and treat me like sirt' well...i'm just private. i love my privacy. Being an extrovert, i still don't like people trodding on my toes.

PS : despite the jaundice, i had a brownie for dessert after my awful no oil, no spice food.
i DONT regret it. And no, there was no icecream :(

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