Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guess who's back...back again....

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ha! I’ll show them woman scorned. How dare he deny me my basic rights? Even after all I’d done for him. To put a cog in the wheels of commerce, unthinkable! That too for a simple Maggi, masala flavoured, and none of that God – awful Atta noodles please…. But let me elucidate.

I’d gone down for a walk, since I was so bored no thanks to that darn doc, with his cheerful, opaque, obstinate fat headedness insisting that I’m not fit for public consumption i.e. inflicted with the jaundicees, I shallses not be traipsing aboutses with a happy soul bereft of worry.

Back to the walk. While I was getting ready, with a little bit of cash, my pal says, hello! Get me some Maggi while you’re at it. I say ok. I go to the local kirana, posh, stocked with some of the best goods Cadbury’s has to offer, flush with the good stuff. So I say, uncle, Maggi please. He gapes at me like Mopy the moping goldfish, and says, but you have jaundice! No Maggi for you! It’s not good! Hello, irrespective of whether I have jaundice or a deteriorated brain, you give me stuff when I ask you for it and am all set to PAY you for it, but no! He wanted to know why, when, where, who, and even the what of the Maggi and its final destination. Well, Indians, poky, nosey, prig- headed loveable lot that we are.

So now that I’m blogging again, I twiddle my fingers gleefully, and have another go at the keyboard. Awaydhgkglgogg,g,glglglglgl[hl[p zh[pzkg[plg ;. ….

Hehehehehe…just letting my mind and fingers wander :D
Now that I have so much time on my hands, or rather, had the time…I wonder…what wonders I could have achieved with three weeks (and a jaundiced liver) .The most I managed to do was eat that awful khichdi, try to take my meds on time, watch TV and dream. Lots and lots of dreaming. And oh yes, visit the Strand sale, empty my empty coffers and buy three lovely books. Which I still have not finished reading and already it’s past 4 days. Shit! I must be going old and senile :(

I miss work. And chicken. And normal FOOD. And mama, but thats another thing.

And i'm a grammar Nazi ha! i shl not toleratre ppl makin typos n usin shortfrms.

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