Friday, February 02, 2007

Anonymous ?

There are times when i feel like writing about the people i know, and what i think of them, and why i feel the way i do about something they did, said, or just because of who they are. And then i stop myself, because i know that most of them somehow read my blog and oops! Some of my thoughts are not to be written down for posterity since not everyone has a liver that cna digest 'lohe ke moongfali' to quote my bhaiyya neighbour. lol !

But then again i could say 'A' did this, or i met 'B' the other day. Ha ! as if they wouldnt know who it was i was referring to. And what happens when i have two acquaintances sharing the same initials ?

So for a while i'm going to pretend none of you cherished few who read my blog - read my blog. And i shall rant and rave and bitch, oh - and when you meet me pretend you never know what exactly i think about you despite being so sweet and patient to your face. I've never denied that i'm the greatest hypocrite , atleast, with an attempt at modesty, let me say one of the few great hypocrites you would ever have the good fortune to know, or not know as the case may be.

So, the other day i met up with 'A'. He's still the same guy, looks like the good Lord let him have his way and sent him without a backbone to this bad bad world..... some things never change ! Carrying his laptop, with the airline baggage tag STILL on it, he was clutching at it for all he was worth, bogged down by the weight of one chotu laptop. He really should eat more and bitch less. i missed him, and i realised that after i met him. what a wannabe, like reverse psychology, he pretends he's different, just so that he would be more, well, 'in'. i wanted to hug him before he left, but i didnt. i wonder why. He's one of the few friends i'd actually keep in touch with and laugh at and still miss.

Well. 'A', please dont take umbrage, i'm going to pretend you dont read my blog even if you do.

The fact of the matter is, i miss my old friends ! And i love you just the way you are, sans backbone et all.

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