Thursday, February 22, 2007


Money ruins friendships. Unless its your daddy, the friend not only ends up in your list of to be hated forever and ignored, but also, oh my God, He/ She so used me.

Want to be surrounded by your regular fan club ? Dont lend, dont borrow.

When you lend someone money, you tend to think of your borrowee (im using my blogatic license) but yes, you tend to think of your borrowee as scum. The filth that surrounds your pretty ballerina studs. and ahh, when you borrow money, all you want to do is hide your face and die . i presume.

Not good that.

Btw Ma, i KNOW you read my blog. How else would you know about the Brownies ? But please, i really meant what i said, i'm going to pretend that noone knows who i am, or that noone reads this anyways, and that applies to all you A's, B's, C's, D's and Dh's that i know.

How else will I ever bitch about everyone to everyone and about life to just myself, laugh, mock, scorn, cry and just live atleast a tiny part of my life all to myself ? One must have a sense of humour and time alone to live. Truly live. Truly get into a panic. Truly think they have no idea where success and happiness is, but yes, the wine store is just next door near that seedy hotel.

There is a lot of love in the world right now, but ha, how many of you can truly say you got a bit of that ? I can, my feet are very loved. I *just* finished a very interesting conversation with them. I ranted and ranted and all they did was emit a foul stench, which shut me up.

You can learn a lot from your feet you know.

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downright crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!! said...

One must have a sense of humour and time alone to live. Truly live.
u can say dat again.
ders nothing like time wit urself.
& yeah ..i guess blogging helps u vent out dat bit of weirdness v all hv inherited