Sunday, February 25, 2007

Little Woman.

'What book are you reading ?'

I just finished India, by Jim Corbett. Now i want to run away to the jungle and skin a leopard. Oh, actually, I'd rather spend the night with a tiger instead.

'Get serious for once. What do you plan to read next? Life is so boring now, i need a good book to dispel this lethargy ya. Need to put myself to sleep every night also. Nothign to do na'

You mean you want an excuse to live someone else's life, try making your own a little liveable won't you. Put yourself to sleep indeed !

'Oh, please, keep your views to yourself, just answer the question, whats next. Which book are you going to eat and shred to bits in your nasty little brain.'

Oh, next i plan to read Lolita, by Vladimir somebody. Nobok soemthing, i forgot. I love Russian Literature.Have you read Karenina ? Greatest love story ever. Nothign like that awful Romeo and Juliet. But yes Karenina. Superb !

'You WHAT ?'

I love Russian literature. And please read Anna Karenina.

'No , no, YOU are going to read WHAT ? LOLITA. You insane ? Young women just should not read stuff like that. Older women shouldn't either, but thats CRAP. What are you thinking of ?? Your parents will go ballistic !

Lol ! My parents are used to me reading everything i can get my hands on.They love the fact too. NORMAL people read books like that. Supernormal people read even better books ! Ohkie, now stop being such a prude. I never knew you were so narrow minded ! Have you read it ? I've heard its awesome.

'It sucks. Couldn't understand the B*****d. Paedophile ! Don't read shit like that. I read a bit and threw the book out.'

Stop cursing. Profanity won't make you any more attractive you know. And you need a bit of help in that aspect anyways ! lol ! Why can i not read Lolita. I think I'll enjoy the book.

You don't have to identify with the guy or understand him when you read a book! BTW I finished Little Women when i was 12. What is it with you ? Literature is Literature. Oh, i forgot. I assumed you knew what literature was. Are you still reading 'Who moved my cheese' ?


So next on the list - Lolita.

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downright crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!! said...

You don't have to identify with the guy or understand him when you read a book!
still....books giv u tots
& tots r food 4 ur mind
so...i wld prefer reading sumthng whch wld hv a positive impact . doesn hurt 2 read dis kinda books once a while...helps u 2 understand dat it takes all kinds 2 mak de world