Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two roads...


  •  I'm married. 
  • I ran away from home to get married. Like the movies. Unfortunately. 
  • My dog is 4 now. 
  •  My husband loves him just as much as I do. 
  • My husband loves me too :D 
  • I earn quite well, for someone who once wanted to start her own dog creche and is now "managing relationships". 
  • I still struggle with the flubber, but have currently started Zumba and LOVE it. Might be the answer. 
  • I like to cook traditional food. Should have paid more attention to Mum in the kitchen. 
  • I still love to read and read whenever I can.
  •  I stopped blogging, and now feel the need to write about myself. 
  • I dress much better than I used to, therefore I feel much better ( and poorer) than I used to :D 
  • I love the way my husband and me complete each other's sentences. 
  • I still like Coffee, but have it on rare occasions. 
  • I have sort of learnt to swim. Yay ! I can now float for 2 minutes and THEN start drowning. 
  • I know how to bully the husband into doing the housework. 
  • I know how to clean squid/ prawns/ fish and make awesome curry. 
  •  I have a few friends that I love, but am rarely in touch with and still miss; so I say a little prayer for them when I think of them. 
  •  I do not dread the concept of in-laws, as I have the sweetest pair of in-laws ever. They like to feed me ! And bear the hugs from me! 
  •  I'M MARRIED ! Can't effing believe it. Next post tomorrow.


CRD said...

OMG! You ran away from home to get married? Tell me more about it :D

Welcome back to blogging :)

CRD said...


WeirdISgooD said...

Thanks !! didn't know ? Will tell you about it someday !