Thursday, February 14, 2008


Why do certain things happen ?
My dad says that whatever happens happens for the best. Considering the various things that have happened to me, I know they were lessons I had to learn, problem is its like the books one reads, you read and digest, then fail to expunge or practice.

Take for example my first crush. He was from a community I really mocked and despised, and I fell for him when I was only 14, the age when I thought that my beliefs were supreme and everyone else was second rate, to be heard and then ignored. Ah well, that one secret is now bloglic. So no one can blackmail me with it.
Only, certain things make you wonder just what the purpose behind them is. Like the rash on my butt. No purpose behind it, cept for the fact that I scratch with heart and soul and true passion.


Anonymous said...

nah... I dont care. lol
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C R D said...

wonder if thts true. if everything happens for the best, then why are so many people unhappy?

does their being unhappy also stand as one of the "best things" to happen? [:p]