Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today was a revelation. Today was freedom. Today was rebirth.

I've finally gotten over those awful, awful times. I've learnt enough lessons to last me through the rest of my life, and I'm only 21 !

Its over. It's still getting done, nothings over till its really over, but oh, it's over.

For the first time today in over 2 years, I felt like me.

Who i used to be, playful, serious, committed, diligent and happy! I hopped, skipped, swivelled myself on the office chair and grinned at everyone.

It was wonderful. I could have been benevolent, charitable, kind and sweet to even the meanest grouch ever, and i kept grinning all day!

Everythings different, everythings changed !

Absolution. I've struggled, and fought for so hard, and suddenly the whole burden has lifted and i cna see my dreams, and think further, and joke and laugh and oh..... you get the drift.

I'm still smiling, and then while iw as returning home...oh joy of joys...there was thunder, and at last.....rain !

Years back i used to think i was born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I was wrong. It's platinum cutlery all over the place !

Oh, today there was this guy called Saptarshi who called up, and i overheard B call him septic. Turns out thats his nickname. Doesn't hold a candle to mortuary...but ahhh...not everyones blessed with a name that can't be mutilated.

Though today anything and everything is making me happy. Ever felt like this ?

Try it. Two years of torture and hating yourself and a sudden moment of bliss and happiness and forgiveness.

All your dreams will be multicolored again.


Kris said...


we shall do the rain dance now!!!

bran-D said...

i don't mean to butt in.....but i'm glad its over :)