Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ennui ?

It’s easy. It’s not the getting there; it’s the not dying of ennui after you’re on the spot.

Its lovely to reach saturation point. You're so full of it that u'd probably die right then and never feel a thing.

So there.

Just felt like i ahd to blog, and the first sentence just about sums it all up.

much love to all who've checked the blog hoping id uopdate something funny, probably will ocne something embarrasingly silly happens, which thankfully it hasnt so far.

Darn !

The rut has thankfully ceased, and its been fun. Now i've got to start the outside thing again though.



Anonymous said...

u seem too frustrated these days...
evrythin alrite?????

Anonymous said...

hey like the way u write. saw ur blog thru brandy's, tho i dont like calling her dat(brinelle sounded much better) neways keep up the gud work