Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oil spill

So afraid of putting pen to paper, for fear of what may spill. Needlessly I complicate my life, but all I'm trying to do is make the best of what I have.

R mentioned that something's happened to make all the Virgo's withdraw into their shells, and I know that's true when it comes to me. This birthday was a slow moving, hazy nightmare. With nothing really scary, yet so much pain.

24, and already tired of fighting life. Blessed with family, people who care, food, shelter, a job, even excess flab to support me in case there's a famine, and I'm still so unhappy ! Don't pray, so not interested in begging, or recriminations. Cliched, but true, to have everything and nothing all in one.

Which is why I refuse to update this blog. No one wants to read a whine, and my sense of humour has up and disappeared, leaving behind sarcasm, tinged with fear, depression and heavy with the stench of anger.


Shanti said...

OMG woman SNAP out of it.... i know life's hell...i know its throwing u the worst curves possible. but then ur not living life for neone else but urself... so LIVE it the best u cn... people have gone thru worse... believe me. there was a time when i went thru this bout of self pity, with one thing gone all wrong, but the rest fine... and it took another person's grief to get me out of it and believe me, u dont want tht on ur conscience.

CRD said...

What the....wat happened gal? :O

Sorcerer said...

YOu need coffeee ..
and lots of it..
Lots and lotsss

and yeah
you should read my blog.
(Pathetic effort to bring traffic)