Monday, January 07, 2008

It has begun.

I went and picked up the CFA curriculum today. Mum drove me over and oh dear, its 7 and some odd kg's and its terrifying.

There are 6 wonderful books, with wonderful names that seem oh so learned and i may end up being the world's richest investment banker someday, but right now all that I know is that when i open the book the words swim in my head and everything is so pretty :D

I didn't go gymmimg yesterday ( out of sheer laziness) and today we had to go for mass, so no gym again, due to lack of transport. In between panicking about magnitude of the CFA curriculum, and the limit of my mental capacity, i will try and get driver's license here in Oman. I really need it.

Can someone please make me a cup of coffee ?

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Kris said...

for a moment i got confused if i was reading the post in gmail or google reader...but then something hit.

7 and some odd kgs means you can exercise AND study at the same time. save time, no?

anyway...i've got my learner's license too!!! let's play chicken the next time we meet on the road. i bet my car will stall first.