Saturday, August 18, 2007

Out of the (in)box thinking

I may not have the time to read my mails these days, but i still can see through people who try to bullshit.

That didn't really come out right, but, what i meant is, I get forwarded mails too, you don't have to expound on theories or forwards that you have recieved in the mail and expect me to be impressed by your "wisdom". Especially when you claim those opinions, or wisecracks as your own.

But apart from that...howdy everyone. I'm sorry about the no blogger. It's a no brainer see, what with me working late and just pretending I have a life, no time to blog, and yes, no net for a while. I tried TV. They repeat everything and it sucks. And you occassionaly stumble onto a horror movie that you just can't resist and then cannot sleep for a month out of fear.

I finally decided to give up thinking of buying jeans AFTER i lost weight and just went and had a lovely bout of retail therapy. With Choi. The best days of my life category; those.

I no longer feel guilty about things that I'm morally required to do, but don't want to do. The twinges of guilt are absolutely disregarded. I've lived long enough doing that, now its only what I have and want to do or not, and if people can't accept that, well "It's probably me "...lovely song that..

Work is going great and well, taking life one day at a time sometimes and then again all at once. Just wishing that my dreams come true but I can't define my dreams really, so that is definitely one of the things I will be rectifying before the next birthday.

Anyways, I want to start reading again. A thousand splendid suns is a really good read.. did the usual awful thing for that one, went and sat at Crossword for three days after work to finish the book :D

Exceeds expectations as usual but so does Potter 7, which i shall leave for the next blog now...its a Saturday and its 7 pm and I'm still at work !

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