Saturday, April 01, 2006

Please can i make the frandship with you ?

I don't know how many of you guys are aware of this site called Hi5 that lets u make new friends, keep in touch with old freinds, or gather acquaintances like you were the contender for worlds most popular vegetating in front of his/her comp weirdo, but its a rather nice site.

Now trouble is, along with all the genuine weirdos that i have for friends, and they're dah- lingsss...i get strange requests by rather nice looking guys, can i make the frandship with you, u are very interesting/sweet/pretty/cute (fill in the missing adjective).

Yeah sure, wait! lemme lend u a hatchet coz u look n sound so like the average, nice, loveable right out of my nightmares psychopath that dad warned me is out on the net just waiting to get to me...

No problems....but just thought id mention it...and apparently, even the guys get these requests. Never thought women make better psychos, but hell yeah....they do, they even send you sickeningly sweet mush stuff everyday in your mail like the girlfriend from hell... (my source is so sick n tired he's even permanently changed his email id)

If someone could only get me John Abrhams email id now...i could try one of these 'Please can i make the friendship with you' mails.... would be different from the usual fawning 'i soooo looooveee ur dimples' mails that he gets now...dont u think ?