Monday, January 30, 2006

Pep Talk

So , today.

I'm getting disoriented. I know what i have to do, and yet.... i don't want to do it. Back to the phase where i know just what is right and wrong or maybe lukewarm and nothing or noone can force me to do something i JUST don't want to do. Okay. So i need a kick up the seat of my pants. or perhaps.... just a neat little cosh on my head, a tiny bump might just do the trick...Why oh WHY am i letting this happen again? Me, independent little sweet little practical little effervescently cute and oh so adorable little me.

Yep, im trying sooo hard to tell myself that im wonderful. no other reason to survive otherwise. What with my not feeling good enough for all the people who care.I hate guilt trips. I hate myself for feeling like im worthy of guilt...It s bad when you do something or procrastinate without prior knowledge, but when ur a know it all and u STILL do it... ahhh then u definitely deserve all thats coming to you, and more.