Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I am a mommy now. Ofcourse, being mommy is just as wonderful as everyone says it is, although I am managing to spectacularly mess it up the way I mess all aspects of my disorganized, rubbish life.

Aiden turned 7 months on 31 October 2015. His cute little paws grab everything they see, and he's fascinated by the food we eat. No matter what we munch on, grubby little paws keep trying to reach out for it, and he looks at our faces with such a serious expression, wondering why we are not giving him the same food.

It's so funny!

I am a staunch supporter of  breastfeeding and only breast milk for babies, and I really, really tried to follow this for 6 months. Even now, at work I pump, whatever little measly amounts come will surely help my baby grow better, and i feel so guilty giving him formula especially when the care giver says he asks for milk.

Its such a struggle trying to be a baby led weaning, only breastfeeding, baby carrying, doggy loving mom. It's as if trying to raise the baby the right way only makes everything else in life go awry, and then too the baby still cries and constantly needs attention.

Never before has anyone ever been my whole and soul, and demanded all my attention everyday. The sleepless nights would have driven me crazy before Aiden, but now I just take them in my stride. My precious bundle of constant energy and joy has taught me what no one else could teach for for all these 30 years- PATIENCE !!!

I just feel sad that I dont have time for my fur baby though. Poor Tuffy, he has been relegated to the veranda, and occasional pats and no kissing. I hope this is just for a while though, until I convince my darling G to encourage fur baby and human baby kissing.

Life now is feed the little darling, pump, worry, work, back, feed, play and then maybe think about feeding the big baby too!!

30, here I come.


Kristopher Noronha said...

oooh, a post after so long! glad to hear aiden is being the pesky fellow he was promised to be :P coming over soon to kiss both babies and you! :*

CRD said...

Hey...wonderful reading a post from you after soooo long. Congratulations on becoming a momma. Life has changed big time, no? It does for fathers too ;) My kid will turn 2 on Nov 16.

Oh god, the pump! I and wifey would switch turns every 5 minutes. I still remember how our fingers pained. Sometimes it would take half an hour for less than 50 ml.

Keep blogging :) And do drop by mine.